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  1. English Vocabulary: Unit 7: Time Detectives

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    16 mayo, 2018 por englishvillaeuropa

    archaeology, bone, CAT scan, cave, chemistry, DNA, drawings, paintings, palace, ruins, site, treasure, X-rays, Egyptology, curse, hieroglyphics, mummy, pharaoh, tomb …
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  2. English Vocabulary: Unit 6: Cool Technology

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    4 abril, 2018 por englishvillaeuropa

    big, ecological, expensive, heavy, hot, noisy, portable, tall, useful, wide, technology, inventions, bicycle, computer, electricity, film, hot-air balloon, Internet, keyboard, …
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  3. A wonderful village and a great city!

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    21 marzo, 2018 por englishvillaeuropa

    In 1st grade, we have been learning about the difference between a village and a town. Making sure that our …
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  4. English Vocabulary: Unit 5: Super cities

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    14 marzo, 2018 por englishvillaeuropa

    enough, a little, a few, a lot of, many, much, there is/are, buildings, height, length, location, storey, bad, beautiful, cheap, …
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  5. Food groups!

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    21 febrero, 2018 por englishvillaeuropa

    Our first graders have been working hard this year! Recently we worked together to complete these amazing posters! Young learners …
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  6.  English Vocabulary: Unit 4; We can do it!

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    31 enero, 2018 por englishvillaeuropa

    experiences, climb, direct, eat, find, fly, go, learn, plant, raise, ride, visit, watch, win, aggressive, annoyed, bored, calm, depressed, energetic, …
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  7. You’ve got mail!


    26 enero, 2018 por englishvillaeuropa

    Our 5th graders are making new friends via “snail mail”. Colegio Villaeuropa has partnered with John F. Kennedy Jr. High …
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