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  1. Shakin’ it up with English

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    17 noviembre, 2017 por englishvillaeuropa

    Our second graders have been having a hoot and a half learning about musical instruments. Remember to always share, comment …
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  2. English Vocabulary: Unit 2: Wild Weather

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    10 noviembre, 2017 por englishvillaeuropa

    natural disaster, avalanche, drought, heat, wave, hurricane, mudslide, starvation, tornado, tsunami, weather, chilly, foggy, freezing, frosty, hail, hailstone, humidity, icy, …
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  3. Getting ready for school

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    26 octubre, 2017 por englishvillaeuropa

    In 1st A and B of Primary, we have been working school objects. Each student has made their own backpacks, …
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  4. English Vocabulary: Unit 1 Time for School

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    11 octubre, 2017 por englishvillaeuropa

    Originalmente publicado en English Backpack:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,…

  5. English Vocabulary: Unit 1: Rome

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    4 octubre, 2017 por englishvillaeuropa

    aqueduct, arch, architect, ceiling, chariot, civilization, Colosseum, democracy, dome, emperor, founding, Latin, legend, gladiator, race, Remus, Romulus, she-wolf, stadium, before, …
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  6. Welcome Back!

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    11 septiembre, 2017 por englishvillaeuropa

    Hello everyone! Welcome back! Here at Colegio Villaeuropa, we would like to welcome back everyone to the new 2017-2018 school. …
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  7. English Vocabulary: Unit 8: Extreme Experience

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    19 mayo, 2017 por englishvillaeuropa

    skateboarding, helmet, pads, ramp, skateboard, shoes, tricks, survival, boots, compass, first-aid kit, fishing rod, hat, insect repellent, lifebelt, matches, map, …
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